Top 10 Nike Air Force 1 Customs


Nike’s one of the exotic lineups, the Air Force 1 or simply AF1 was first introduced way back in 1982 but the production was abandoned in 1984. This particular edition was then re-released in 1986 and after its comeback the silhouette kept on achieving every bit of success in the sneaker world.

The Nike Air Force 1 basically nods to the Air Force 1 plane that carries the president of the United States. So, this partiuclar lineup from Nike is kind of special in its own way and people from all over the world have craved these pairs in their own personal custom makeovers.

So, that’s why we are up with an exquisite collection of top 10 custom Air Force 1 kicks that will give you all Goosebumps for sure.


Top 10 Nike Air Force 1 Customs


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